COVID: 2020

"Containing a pandemic, one cell at a time"

A film about the coronavirus pandemic.


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Diving deep into the history, effects, and power of the Coronavirus Disease, this documentary tracks the forward-progress we’ve been making in the 2020 battle against the Coronavirus of 2019 (a.k.a. “COVID-19”) pandemic, taking a closer look at the action being taken in the state of Washington.

The Coronavirus Disease has roots far deeper than many of us even realize. Often being compared to the infamous Spanish flu, the disease that made a quiet entrance into the world in 2019, the W.H.O.-declared pandemic, “COVID-19” has made an enormous impact on the world by early 2020.

With businesses being shut down, civilians being quarantined to their homes, and many people out of work, the day-to-day life has begun to get continually more difficult for everybody; many are suffering from financial and psychological challenges. The economy is on thin ice, many are nervous to leave the house in fear of getting sick, government resource access is skyrocketing, and the hospitals and doctors’ offices are busier than ever. With the stay-at-home order dates having been extended at least twice by April, it seems as if this will never end.

In Seattle, however, there have recently been some interesting milestone steps being taken toward helping find a way to defeat the Coronavirus Disease. Studies are being done, data is being taken, and results are being analyzed, and all getting us closer and closer to winning the war against COVID-19.


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